It’s a new year! Always a good time for change!


As I reviewed my goals and plans for the year, I kept thinking about all the changes in our industry. Change is one thing that has been a constant. I do see lots more change on the horizon as declining companies must combine for financial reasons. Change can be good, and here it is needed.

When reaching out to C-Level executives running companies, I’m reminded that many don’t have time to keep up with all of the changes (Basically, not one example of a company that has had it covered). They have heard about the pending Avaya bankruptcy, they know Nortel is long gone and understand a traditional phone on the desk will be part of history.

Business owners and Executives hear about all the mergers in Telecom, ¬†they don’t really understand or care, but know services change. Previous services are no longer offered and the customer service team they utilized is no longer there. These mergers are done to reduce costs and carve out “synergies”, so certain services and assets (SG&A) are removed. The consolidation is required and will continue to happen.

Recently a CEO, reached out to me and asked for help, the service after the merger was just not the same. We had set up his VoIP services, 10 years ago! The service was still working great, the issues were around “customer service”. It was not hard to get this corrected. This is not their business, which is why they called OTG

There are many reason’s to change, but the biggest one is looming, the turn down of the PSTN! We are inside of three years, sooner depending on who you talk to. Business customers should not wait to make their move.

If you are not already, you must be reviewing a cloud communications solution. Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications are now “table stakes”. Embrace the change.

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