Go To Market Strategy

We have lots of talented people here at OTG Consulting. Most have “been there and done that” when it comes to attacking this Telecom marketplace. We are doing lots of work helping Enterprise Executives ┬ámake the transition off the “Old PSTN” to the New World of communications. We also have many Service Providers we work with on a daily basis. Our executives have the experience un-matched in the marketplace. We assist in developing Go To Market strategies, building out channels, product pricing, deploying technology and assisting in strategy.

The time is now for VoIP service providers to step up their efforts. Nortel is gone, Avaya is Bankrupt and fading away. The big Telcos are turning off the old PSTN. The Death of the PSTN is here creating a massive opportunity for conversion. There is a good 5 plus years of converting customers from the old telecom services to unified communications! There are many communications apps on the horizon that will become the next generation. These new apps will replace the “phone on the desk”, even the new VoIP phones we are deploying today.

This is a land grab for all the new VoIP companies, not all will survive on their own. Look for more M&A activity as bigger is better in this battle as the smaller players take many customers from the larger telcos. The race has started and waiting is dangerous. a good “Go To Market” strategy is most important.

The OTG Consultants will be very busy in assisting in accelerating their clients traction in the marketplace. As we do this work it also allows us to become familiar with who is strong and who is weak in this process. Our enterprise clients want to know, which service providers will survive. Decisions made today are made with 3 to 5 years in mind. Choosing service providers that get “folded in” could cause customer service issues down the road.

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