Death of the PSTN


In working closely with the Telecom Service providers, it has been very interesting to see the “wind down” of the PSTN. I’ve been involved in this competitive landscape for 30 years. The first battle involved long distance traffic in the beginning just after ATT/”Ma Bell” was broken up. Many companies came out of the wood work to compete. Then we all competed for local traffic, Then Data, Then the Internet, Now it’s VoIP and UC. The biggest difference I see is now, no one is fighting to keep customers on the PSTN. I actually see Carriers starting to move customers off the old network. This message will get louder and more frequent.

As business Owners and C-Level execs begin to really understand what is going on here, we will see a tidal wave of business shift to VoIP and UC providers. This is what I like to call the Bee hive effect, as this knowledge becomes more public, it is the equivalent of whacking the side of a bee hive with a stick. Businesses will be scrambling to figure out where to go, like bees pouring out of the hive! This is the opportunity, for those of us that understand the new world well, there will be more business than you can handle! Get ready this year and next will be fun!

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