Which VoIP Service Provider Should I Choose?

As the industry turns down the old telecom network and the knowledge of this becomes more known by business leaders, the looming question becomes…… Where do I go for my new Hosted VoIP? There are many carriers and Service providers offering Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications and Features all look to be similar.

Some are gradually rolling these services out, while keeping customers on the old networks for various reasons. Others are aggressively moving customers to the newer more efficient services. Obviously, those that spend more time in the new space have more experience others may spend less than 5% of their efforts here. This has created a gap in the service providers that offer VoIP and UC as their standard and serve customers well and those that don’t spend as much time deploying new services.

We at OTG Consulting, get to see all of their offerings and witness the way they serve customers. This insight is critical as business owners and leaders look to swap out the PSTN for newer and better services.

If you are looking to transform your companies communications, OTG Consulting can assist you in choosing the right path. Our executives have experience running telecom organizations and running VoIP services first hand.


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