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Drew Polin, Founder OpDecision

www.OpDecision.com  (Partial client list here)

Drew, tell us something more about OpDecision and your core competence?

OpDecision is a leading provider of wireless optimization. We work with companies to “optimize” their current cellular plans, without needing to change vendor(s), contracts or equipment. We leverage a best in class 3-Stage process to identify cost savings opportunities for our clients. The first stage includes an Audit and two types of Benchmarks. The second stage is an Optimization where we are utilizing over 30 different areas of cost reduction, which includes unpublished, custom, specialty pricing as well as leveraging group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) and other IP. The third stage an Implementation, where OpDecision is continuously managing all approved client changes directly with the vendor(s), reviewing their billing and providing savings confirmations for 8 months after we implement to show consistent savings.


Who is your ideal client and why?

Our ideal wireless optimization client has a company owned cellular solution that they provide directly to their employee base. They have between 250 to 25,000 lines of service that they are billed for directly by the vendor(s), which include services like smart phones, cell phones, tablets, mifi’s, and machine to machine technology. If a client is interested, all OpDecision needs is 3 months of their current billing to quickly qualify that we can find a minimum of 10% worth of savings. We are required to cut at least 10% or higher off of their currently monthly billing to have fee, and our fee comes strictly out of the actual savings, for a budget neutral project.


On average, your wireless optimization clients achieve, double-digit savings from OpDecision’s work on their accounts, tell us something more?
OpDecision’s biggest differentiator compared to our competition, as well as what a client can do internally starts with our benchmarks. We have identified specialty rates and a very unique rate option that is currently in the market place that we do not see leveraged in today’s corporate cellular environment. These types of strategies coupled with other areas of wireless optimization is what accounts for over 50% of our typical cost reductions for our clients. Our competition utilizes off the shelf pricing and a customer’s current contracted rates to run their savings opportunities. Over 80% of the rates that OpDecision leverages are not openly shared in the market place. The other major differentiator lies with our implementation process. Other companies in this space typically provide a roadmap to their clients on how they can cut costs. Oftentimes this road map is left untouched or only partially implemented by the client. OpDecision manages the implementation process from start to finish to ensure that all client approved changes are put into place correctly, quickly and directly with the vendor(s). Our typical engagement timeline is only 30 days from start to finish for us to implement cost savings changes for our clients, with a savings realized within 45 – 60 days of the start of the relationship. Our clients, who spend less than 2 hours of their time during the project, greatly appreciate the quick turnaround, so that they can use the savings to fund other internal projects for their organization.


What tips can you provide to an organization about how to effectively achieve savings?

A recommendation for companies that have businesses globally is to ensure that they have the right rates and features in place for their international traveling employees. It can be very costly if an employee leaves the country without having the appropriate voice, data and text plans in place to meet their specific needs. We also see clients that have employees who travel on a one-time vacation or business trip, but the international features are not removed from the account. Recently one of our clients with 400 users, who we saved $24,000 a month, over $10,000 of that monthly savings was derived from global plans that were not removed when the users returned home from their international trip. Other areas included identifying lines of service with no usage, features being paid for that have gone unused for several months, as well as not researching different rate options in the market place that can fit their user behavior and lower their overall expenses.

If you would like to learn more about OpDecision please contact Pat Casey at 774-237-9843  or pat@OpDecision.com  Pat has know Jeffrey Pearl for over 20 years and he looks forward to helping you land some Wireless Optimization projects.

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