Broadsoft, Not just for Telecom Service Providers Anymore.

This is an industry changer, You can now receive Broadsoft services direct from the source!

We are the only ones offering Broadsoft Business through a unique partnership with Broadsoft.

“BroadSoft Business offers business customers the low-risk option for securing the most advanced suite of UC, team collaboration, and contact center applications available and delivered from the cloud, through one integrated application suite.” – Broadsoft’s E-Book.

As you may know, BroadSoft is the underlying platform, for most of the major Telecoms on the planet! “BroadSoft is the brand delivered by over 600 service providers and trusted by millions of enterprise users worldwide.” Another fact from Broadsoft’s E-Book – “With 41% global market share, according to Frost & Sullivan, BroadSoft services support millions of business customers every day, and millions more than anyone else.”

As you look at the fastest moving players out in the market, they tend to be much smaller service providers and more focused on moving customers to the new world of Hosted UC Communications. The largest Telcos have the most “existing customers” but tend to convert their customers to newer technologies at a slow pace. This is due to the fact, that it isn’t always easy to make “old systems” talk and work with “new platforms”. It is also tough to “teach old dogs new tricks”, the sales force of the big telcos are comfortable selling their older services. I recently engaged an industry veteran at a large telco on a SMB customer and he told me, he had no experience with Hosted VoIP, he had never even quoted it. This is amazing to me! In a world where these services have been in the market for over 10 years!

We intend to streamline the process and assist SMB and Enterprise business leaders in crossing the chasm between the PSTN (old telephone network) and Hosted Voice and UC collaboration services. We have put together the largest group of industry veterans that have been directly involved over the years in the evolution of communications.

With all the press out there around Avaya’s looming bankruptcy, the time is now to move to hosted! I’m currently, while I type this, listening in on a Broadsoft Business demo/preso to a customer with 6 locations and 350 employees. They are currently utilizing Avaya premise based PBX, and they just made the comment, “We don’t want SIP trunks and a prem based system, we want everyone moved to hosted seats” No surprise as business leaders become educated, this is the direction they choose.

The Death of the PSTN will create an absolute tidal wave of conversions. People just need to be educated.

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