Avaya ran out of options, windfall for Broadsoft and others

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Avaya ran out of options, windfall for Broadsoft and others

First Nortel, now Avaya, the well know PBX providers are no longer in the mix.

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Dave Michels made some great points in his recent blog below. Avaya’s Bankruptcy and Broadsoft’s move to serve additional customers will accelerate “the Hosted VoIP land grab”

It’s now a good time to take a hard look at Broadsoft Business and other providers.


We at OTG Consulting are scrambling to educate the masses on the Industry landscape and the direction communications is heading. We have partnered with Broadsoft and all other significant players in the Hosted VoIP and UC space. Our partnerships allow us the opportunity to be unbiased as we consult with business owners and technology Executives. There was already a massive move towards Hosted VoIP providers as the Telcos are turning down the old phone networks. We expect this to accelerate as customers learn more about Avaya’s bankruptcy and the decline in premise based phone systems.

There will be a good 5 years of businesses moving to Hosted VoIP, which has become “table stakes”. We are continuing to position ourselves with the leading technologies. Hosted VoIP as we know it today will change as phones on the desks disappear. Voice is now data and will be accessed through apps instead of traditional phones by most people in just a few years out on the horizon. Many of us are already there.

Many businesses are trying to figure out, which Hosted VoIP service is best and which company will provide a quality service. It isn’t as easy, as the leaders in the VoIP space are not att or Verizon or any of the big names. There are new entrants that are highly motivated to assist companies in this move. They are net share takers, not incumbents losing marketshare. They have a very different view of this shift in the way we communicate!





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