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Who Is OTG Consulting?

OTG boasts the most robust portfolio of IT technology solutions in the channel to meet real-world customer needs.

We help our client’s solve complex customer IT needs and deliver the desired business outcome through next-generation IT technology solutions. Areas of focus include providing digital transformation by way of cloud, colocation, connectivity, DRaaS, UCaaS, security and many other offerings. 

The OTG Pathfinder is a part of OTG’s Platform for helping businesses make IT Decisions in a world where the only constant is change, putting the power of our market insights and intellectual property at your fingertips

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service, and it integrates voice, messaging, and collaboration functions to deliver a complete integrated business communications solution. By offering an all-in-one solution, unified communications can increase your company’s productivity, and reduce your total cost of ownership.
SD-WAN, or software-defined wide area network, can be applied as a virtual overlay to your current WAN connection, and can connect branches and data centers, optimizing network performance for about ⅓ of the cost of existing network configurations. This solution can produce significant savings over traditional multi-point networks in a few short months.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides virtual or physical servers on demand. The servers, storage, and network hardware are located in the provider’s data center and accessed from the customer.

Connectivity encompasses Wide Area Networks (WAN), Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Internet (fiber, broadband), point-to-point, voice, and more. It includes services from both traditional telecom and regional fiber providers.
Security covers a broad range of services, from cybersecurity awareness training as highlighted in this video to, managed firewalls and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDPS) to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation and Security Information and Event Management (SEIM).


Joe Faherty is a Partner at OTG Consulting, a technology brokerage firm made up of a consortium of some of the most influential and connected telecommunications and technology thought leaders in the industry.  At OTG, Joe is responsible for developing the Arizona market, including business development and the recruitment of new agents. He is also part of the Mentor program at OTG, helping to set up new agents to be successful in running their business.  Since 2006, Joe helps both his SMB and Enterprise business customers tackle their highest priority initiatives across five distinct technology areas: Unified Communications, Network Infrastructure, Cellular Wireless, Cybersecurity and IoT (Internet of Things). He is also the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cloverleaf Communications, LLC, a consulting firm designed to help IT leaders make informed decisions about their most pressing IT needs. In technology and telecom since 2006, Joe has been a top producer at Eschelon Telecom, Telesphere/Vonage Business, MegaPath, Forrester Research, and Sprint Business. Originally from the New England area, Joe is passionate about his family, Boston sports teams and coaching the game of baseball.

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Joe Faherty

Joe Faherty