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Who Is OTG Consulting?

OTG boasts the most robust portfolio of IT technology solutions in the channel to meet real-world customer needs.

We help our client’s solve complex customer IT needs and deliver the desired business outcome through next-generation IT technology solutions. Areas of focus include providing digital transformation by way of cloud, colocation, connectivity, DRaaS, UCaaS, security and many other offerings. 

The OTG Pathfinder is a part of OTG’s Platform for helping businesses make IT Decisions in a world where the only constant is change, putting the power of our market insights and intellectual property at your fingertips

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service, and it integrates voice, messaging, and collaboration functions to deliver a complete integrated business communications solution. By offering an all-in-one solution, unified communications can increase your company’s productivity, and reduce your total cost of ownership.
SD-WAN, or software-defined wide area network, can be applied as a virtual overlay to your current WAN connection, and can connect branches and data centers, optimizing network performance for about ⅓ of the cost of existing network configurations. This solution can produce significant savings over traditional multi-point networks in a few short months.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides virtual or physical servers on demand. The servers, storage, and network hardware are located in the provider’s data center and accessed from the customer.

Connectivity encompasses Wide Area Networks (WAN), Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Internet (fiber, broadband), point-to-point, voice, and more. It includes services from both traditional telecom and regional fiber providers.
Security covers a broad range of services, from cybersecurity awareness training as highlighted in this video to, managed firewalls and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDPS) to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation and Security Information and Event Management (SEIM).


About Triple Digit Communications –

Triple Digit Communications was founded in 2008 by Jeffrey Barnes, a 30 year  pioneer in the telecommunications industry.  Triple Digit Communications has partnered with OTG Consulting to provide Telecommunication’s Solutions to Businesses Worldwide.  Triple Digit Communications specializes in all areas of Telecommunications and IT including: Cloud, UCaaS, Voice & Data, Networking, Equipment (Phones, Servers, Access Points etc.…) Network Security, Mobile Wireless Voice & Data, Video & Audio Teleconferencing, Collaboration and much more.

We have developed solutions for clients of all sizes, from single teleworkers to Fortune 100 Global Corporations.  Our team of experts have focused in all industries including Aerospace, Education (K-12 & Higher Education), Retail, Call Center, Government, Health Care, Finance and more.  In addition to helping companies become more productive, Triple Digit Communications has saved our clients on average 37.4% on there monthly Telecomunications and IT spend.  Triple Digit Communications is “vendor agnostic” and has agreements in place with several hundred Telecommunications & IT vendors.  Our consulting services are free to our clients; courtesy of our agreements and relationships with global high-tech partners.

About Jeffrey Barnes –

Jeffrey Barnes is a 30-year pioneer of the telecommunications & technology industries.  He started in 1983 during the divestiture of the AT&T/Bell monopoly.  Jeffrey has worked for large Telecommunications conglomerates such as AT&T, Sprint and IDT Corporation as well as start-ups and regional corporations.  In addition to Founder and President of Triple Digit Communications, Jeffrey has flourished in many roles including Sales Leadership (President, Vice President, Director and  Manager), Channel Management as well as Individual Contributor roles.  Jeffrey’s experience has been focused in several disciplines of the telecommunications and technology industry including: UCaaS, Cloud, Collaboration, AV/Video, Fixed & Mobile Wireless, Fiber Construction, Broadband IP, WAN Dev, Voice & Data, & more.

That one time when he wasn’t working, he enjoyed Sports (Player, Coaching and Spectating), Travel, and Family.  Originally from Maine, Jeff grew-up in the Hawthorne California and the Phoenix Arizona area where he also went to Arizona State University.  Jeff has two grown children (Patrick and Erin) and a Pug named Dizzy.

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