We will get back to one, “Ma Bell”

For those of you OTGers “Old Telecom Guys” you remember “Ma Bell”. Ma Bell was what we called ATT.

ATT is long gone, SBC (A Baby Bell) took the name as they acquired them along with other assets. Verizon another baby bell bought MCI/Worldcom but kept their own (new name)

Comcast may buy Verizon

The Communications company of the future does not look like att or Verizon. The traditional Telcos are losing subscribers faster than anyone wants to admit.

The new communications company will look more like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft or something that two guys and a dog in a garage are building now. Therefore you will continue to see mergers of the traditional cable and telcos until there is one left to compete with the new platforms. Voice calls will be free on the new platforms. It’s hard for traditional telcos to compete with “free” This has all been fun to watch, the break up of att, because it was a “monopoly”. Now all the pieces have to come back together again in order to even compete. It’s really interesting………….















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