The Real Winner in the Avaya/RingCentral Deal

Industry experts are currently talking about the winners and the losers in the Avaya/RingCentral deal. Not many are talking about the real winner in this deal.

Obviously when you look at the two names mentioned, RingCentral is the clear winner between the two. RingCentral gets first crack at Avaya’s 100 Million users. Avaya is getting advanced commissions and cash but it will accelerate the loss of existing customers. This is not great when you are just less than two years out of bankruptcy and a public company.

The real winner in this deal is the cloud communications community. There are lots of pure play Hosted VoIp Service Providers and UCAAS companies. If you think about this, as a business person that is still on antiquated and legacy equipment, you are NOW being told by the “old world players” you must now move to the cloud! In fact it is so urgent, we are going to push you to one of our biggest competitors. WILD!

The way this will go down.

Any thoughtful business executive, moving from old technology to new, especially from a box in the office to a cloud based service, will definitely look at multiple options! I don’t think too many IT execs will go to the CTO and say, “it’s now time to move our phone system to the cloud. We have had it in our closet for 50 years, I’m done running this thing. Great news is we get all new handsets and lots more features and redundancy. It’s a big change and we are only taking one bid.” I only wish, all the years I was selling a potential customer would’ve only taken my proposal and not called in all my competitors. It just doesn’t work that way. Smart people check all their options.

We Can Help.

This is where OTG comes into play. We make this real easy for an Avaya customer or any other customer still stuck on an unsupported and outdated phone system, and there are lots! We will get our clients quotes from all the viable options and help them whittle it down to the two our three best options. There are so many new integrations and ‘flavors” of VoIP and UCAAS to take advantage of, it’s hard to know which way to turn unless you do this every day like we do.

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