Old Telecom Execs Welcome!

Old Telecom Execs, don’t really have the same luxury as the bulk of the work force, due to all of the consolidation that HAS to happen!

The good news is, across other industries and businesses, It looks like people are starting to stay longer in their current job. This is great for the economy and the confidence of the average American worker.

At OTG we are building a vehicle that allows Telecom Execs to build a residual income, utilizing their contacts in the industry. We are very well connected into C-Level execs at the Service Providers and Telcos. This is real important as we assist Enterprise clients in their move to the cloud! There is no longer a choice, the “Death of the PSTN” is looming.

We are expanding and all Old Telecom Guys are welcome! As a matter of fact Old Telecom Guys Rule! (I’ll get the T-shirts made)





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