Marketing Insights for 2018 – Sales Channel Integration

The 2018 marketing insight regarding channel sales integration goes beyond the idea of simply ascertaining that the messaging regarding the product or company is consistent across channels. Channel sales integration from a marketing perspective is about looking at the entire process from lead generation to prospecting to closing and ensuring that each channel recognizes and utilizes best practices to achieve desired results.

It is difficult to get all the channel to share information related to lead generation and prospecting but to have effective marketing automation that is applied to the entire channel this information is a requirement. An effort must be made by marketing to have the channel share its prospecting data, sales process, and forecasting so that all the channel can take advantage of the expertise that marketing can provide. Lead generation is more effective if the same messaging, offers, and engagement practices are applied across the sales channels. Moving leads to qualified sales opportunities requires a consistent approach to leveraging marketing automation for lead nurturing, to answer prospect’s questions, and to motivate prospects to become engaged during the sales process. The best way for the channel to move prospects to “closed” is for each to apply practices and processes that have been demonstrated as offering the best chance of success. Advance understanding of common objections, delay tactics, competitive threats, and, of course, the best responses must be provided by marketing. Integrating the marketing effort across all the sales channels greatly improves the sales channel’s ability to increase revenues for the company.

It is also important to actively request and receive feedback from each channel about Marketing’s effectiveness for them. Adjusting marketing to maximize the success of a given channel does not negate the need for Marketing to design and implement its programs across the sales channels. It increases the success rate for all channels by accepting and analyzing feedback to determine what should be unique and what should be common to successfully market for a given channel. If your sales channels trust you to provide the best marketing practices for their target markets and prospects, they will be more willing to follow offered marketing programs and guidance.

Minimizing the channel marketing silos in your organization will improve your ability to meet your sales goals and objectives.


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