IOT ….. How will they all connect?


Verizon’s 5G rollout will accelerate the connecting of IOT devices. OTG Consulting is watching this closely as we work with VZ.

Verizon CFO Matthew Ellis told an investor conference the company’s 5G trials using millimeter wave spectrum are exceeding expectations in “commercial-type tests.” He said spectrum propagation has been better than expected in trials leading up to the company’s decision to deploy 5G fixed wireless in up to five U.S. markets.”

We at OTG believe this is a major game changer! When customers have the ability to pull a Gigabit connection out of the air without having to dig up the street, run cabling up the risers, etc…. on the fly, this will truly be a new way of doing business in the networking space.

“Throughout this year, Verizon has tested 5G fixed wireless access in 11 U.S. markets, which the company said included “several hundred cell sites that cover several thousand customer locations. Now Verizon says it will use that technology to deliver residential broadband services in three to five markets next year.

The carrier will make the commercial service available first in Sacramento, Calif., during the second half of 2018. Given the timing, Verizon’s commercial launch should follow the 3GPP’s release of the 5G New Radio specification, which is tracking for June 2018. Operators in the U.S. and around the world have looked to 5G fixed wireless access as a way to deliver multi-gigabit-per-second throughput speeds without needing to deploy fiber directly to homes and premises, which is a costly and time-consuming process.”

This will be one of the big drivers in 2018 in accelerating the Death of The PSTN and connecting up IOT devices. As you look around and see all of the devices and gadgets that need connectivity, you will understand why this connectivity has to be wireless. We are seeing more and more demand for video surveillance out there as cities and towns create “Safe City” programs. It seems there ate new IOT devices popping up in the market daily.

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