Google Calling! A step closer to “The Phone Company”

Google Pixel

Google Calling! Google Pays $1.1 Billion For HTC Team Behind Pixel Phones 

The world of communications is changing faster than anyone (in the space) wants to admit! We have said for a long time now, there will be two types of winners in the Telecom battle, App Guys and Connectivity Guys!

App Guys are those that keep people on their Platform/App for all Work/Email/Search/Social Media etc… Think Apple iPhone with FaceTime, FaceTime Audio and iMessage all free by the way. Google is working to build the same with their acquisition announced here. This provides a strong play in “owning” the communications end user. When someone gives us the device and easy to use apps, it makes it hard to move to some other software to make a call, Text or IM, or use any other form of communication! Look at what Microsoft is doing with Skype and 365, they are basically becoming one of the new phone companies as well!

Connectivity Guys are those that easily connect us to the Internet. Look at what Comcast has done, High Speed at Low Cost! They are also jumping into the mobility ring, to compete with att and Verizon. All are offering interesting WiFi and 5G plays. You will be able to pull a full Gig out of the air shortly. Wifi calling is enabled on most devices and we are on WiFi in most places we hang out. You are probably on WiFi at home, in the office, at Starbucks and shopping at Whole Foods (Which is now Amazon, another emerging Phone Company)

It’s all very interesting to watch and to try to figure out who will have a chair when the music stops! All of this just accelerates the Death of the PSTN as we knew it and makes way for new ways to communicate, do business and play out on the web! Ma Bell, it’s Google Calling!


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