Comcast is jumping into the mobility ring!

Comcast is entering into a new business!

Tom Muller, OTG‘s CTO just brought this to my attention. Comcast’s new play.

“Voice as in VoIP, is just data. As VoIP becomes mainstream on mobile with WiFi calling, a service such as Comcast mobile jumps VoIP WiFi calling to a new plateau, moving WiFi calling as the preferred primary service on your mobile phone. Mobile VoIP will create efficiencies and help move to a future where the mobile phone only does data. Eventually No need for a separate voice radio. This technique will lower handset costs and will integrate well with utilizing any available data stream ( wifi , cellular, 5g or ??future) since the voice call is essentially just a data stream.
Already Comcast has established these disruptive plans that solely focus on the data plans and throws in the voice line for free in their sauce.
They are interested only in you utilizing data.

The future is here.” Tom Muller

Have you noticed, if you have enabled WiFi calling on your Mobility service, how much of your calling is now over the internet? I have att, and have enabled WiFi calling. I was surprised to see the majority of calls are now on WiFi, not on the cellular network. Think about it, you are on Wifi, at your home office, in your company’s office, Starbucks, WholeFoods, etc…..

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