Marketing Insights for 2018 – The Engagement Economy

The attention economy is based upon a marketplace where prospects and customers agree to receive services in exchange for their attention. The best example of this is a newspaper where content is offered in exchange for the attention of the consumer. Consumers are then offered buying opportunities through advertising. The newspaper makes some money from the sales [...]

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OTG Consulting & Mobile Solutions Announce Partnership

DENVER, CO. – OTG Consulting, a Master Agency made up of the industry’s most experienced telecom executives, and Mobile Solutions, a provider of full life-cycle Managed Mobility Services, announced that the companies have partnered to offer OTG Consulting customers and agents access to Mobile Solutions’ comprehensive SaaS solutions. Through its partnership with Mobile Solutions, OTG Consulting [...]

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Insights for 2018 Marketing Success

Some might think that it’s a little early to discuss marketing activity and priorities for 2018, but I believe now is the appropriate time. September/October is usually when companies begin to evaluate marketing successes and failures for the current year prior to developing marketing plans and budgets for the subsequent year. While most marketing activities flow from one [...]

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We will get back to one, “Ma Bell”

For those of you OTGers "Old Telecom Guys" you remember "Ma Bell". Ma Bell was what we called ATT. ATT is long gone, SBC (A Baby Bell) took the name as they acquired them along with other assets. Verizon another baby bell bought MCI/Worldcom but kept their own (new name) Comcast may buy Verizon The Communications [...]

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PBX guys……. Not many left!

PBX guys are becoming a thing of the past! Not many left! Nortel, gone, Avaya Bankrupt, Toshiba Gone, now this. Mitel to Acquire ShoreTel! "The deal is part of a trend toward providing businesses with the ability to move their enterprises to the cloud." I don't think there is anyone starting a company today, that says, [...]

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Illinois Agrees to Chop Landlines

Illinois joined the "Death of the PSTN" club and decided to let go of the aging technology we all grew up with. Traditional landlines will soon go the way of Buggy Whips and 8 track tapes. ATT already has FCC approval in 19 of their 20 legacy states, CA is the only one holding out for [...]

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There is Nothing Neutral about Net Neutrality

Not surprisingly, the FCC, under its new chairman, Ajit Pai, is pursuing the elimination of net neutrality rules established by Tom Wheeler, the prior FCC chairmen. This is consistent with the Yin/Yang practices of the two political parties, where policies swing from one end of the spectrum to the other, where each sees a problem from [...]

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