Death of the PSTN

The Last PBX Guys Wave The White Flag!

The Hosted VoIP service providers have been in this battle for over 10 years! Most utilizing a Broadsoft platform. BroadSoft is the market share leader for cloud-based unified communications, with its open platform deployed by 25 of the world’s top 30 service providers. These Service Providers have been working hard to educate the business community. The education is all around the upgrades available to end users and, why they should move off of “older antiquated” technologies. Up until now, companies like Avaya have put up a fight. Avaya now has decided to join Broadsoft and all the Broadsoft Service providers. This monumental move makes it easier for customers to drop their PBX or Key system. As a result, you will see many more phone systems in the garbage bins outside of office buildings. At this stage of the game, you can’t donate this stuff to a charity.

“In collaboration with BroadSoft, Avaya is making a full portfolio of open standards, SIP-based devices available to service providers that are tested for interoperability with the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform.” Read Avaya’s full announcement

With Avaya filing for bankruptcy and the advancement of newer technologies, the time to move now. Businesses actually have to make the transition. In addition to last PBX guys, waving the “white flag’ the large telcos are also moving away from POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and PRI. POTS and PRI  have been the standard connections into old phone systems for years. It is important to mention, it is much more efficient for the Telcos to run IP based services! Due to the added features, customers find it much more desirable to utilize the new communications technologies. This makes sense for all parties. It is a win/win for customers.

In summary, all the players are now in agreement as to how businesses should be communicating. Consultants like OTG help guide you through all the offers and players in the market at no cost. It really is not a hard move to make!

The OTG Consulting Process

The OTG Consulting Process is providing benefits for both SMB and Enterprise type clients!

Who is OTG? The Team was formed by a group of industry leaders in order to fill a gap in the marketplace. The Partners at OTG have led the companies that have defined business communications to date.

We are going into a period of “the winding down of traditional phone service” which is what we like to call ” The Death of the PSTN“. Carriers must move their customers to the new world of IP Communications. This is being driven by simplification of networks and cost savings. OTG is in place to help consult and navigate businesses through all the options.

Our team utilizes an industry leading TEM (Technology Expense Management) platform (24 years of experience) as its dashboard to assist businesses with their management of IT resources. Most companies have trouble keeping track of what they are buying and more importantly, utilization. We solve that problem.

Our core Technology Expense Management service scope includes:

1.Invoice Management
2.Audit and Assurance Management
3.Inventory Management
4.Contract Management
5.Report and Analysis
6 International Invoice Management
7.Ongoing consulting and Account Management

With OTG our clients tap into our Partners unmatched industry connections! This allows them to benefit from:

1.Access to relationships with all supplier options
2.Single point of contact. Avoid the hassles and noise around meeting every vendor one at a time.
3.Strategic sessions with top industry execs at no charge
4.Greater leverage. OTG will ensure you are getting the most competitive rates due to the vetting                        5.Be informed and have access to the latest technologies
6.Long term relationship with a trusted advisor
7.The client can focus on their business

OTG is in place to educate business clients on the state of the industry as well as the direction it is heading. It is as important to be positioned for the upcoming changes in technology as it is to be benefiting from the best options available today.

Everyone and their brother are now selling SD-WAN

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Seismic shift in the 2017 UC Landscape

Wow, We  had the privilege of experiencing a seismic shift in the UC market this week.  Amazon has announced Chime, their Cloud communication service. Just by the nature of Amazon’s marketing muscle (and market segment domination expertise), will cause major disruption in the marketplace. I have been using the Chime service for a few days …

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The Evolution of Communications

As we look at the Evolution of Communications here in the final days of the PSTN, it is important to look out to the horizon and where things are headed.

The large telcos are shutting down traditional communications, POTS (Plain Old Telecommunications Service) lines and PRI. There is a big push underway to move business customers to Hosted VoIP Services. Most business executives and owners are still unaware of the pending change, but will be made aware as it becomes more public. We are in the process of educating the business community of what is changing and what they need to do to not get caught in a bad situation.

This massive move from the PSTN to Hosted VoIP will go on for the next 5 years, then the next wave, will start to take hold and dominate our communications. This next wave, removes the phone on your desk. Communications will truly just be an application.

This past week, Amazon announced entrance into the Communications game with Chime. Chime is “unified communications service” which is likely to compete with services like Microsoft’s Skype and Cisco’s Spark. All of these and others Facebook, Google, Slack etc….. are all players coming into communications creating this next new wave.

The phone company of the future, or better said, the app that will replace the service provider, is being by “two guys in a garage”. It will be a new company or multiple new companies that will probably get acquired by the larger players just mentioned. It is important to watch the land scape for these services as they pop up in the business community. Our Exec team at OTG is working closely with service providers and partners to stay ahead of this curve.

One thing we can count on is change, as The Evolution of Communications continues. Change has been good here. It makes our lives easier and allows us to communicate more freely and efficiently!

I can’t wait to see what’s next!