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Avaya ran out of options, windfall for Broadsoft and others

First Nortel, now Avaya, the well know PBX providers are no longer in the mix.   Dave Michels made some great points in his recent blog below. Avaya's Bankruptcy and Broadsoft's move to serve additional customers will accelerate "the Hosted VoIP land grab" It's now a good time to take a hard look at Broadsoft [...]

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Leadership Interview – OpDecision Wireless Optimization

Drew Polin, Founder OpDecision  (Partial client list here) Drew, tell us something more about OpDecision and your core competence? OpDecision is a leading provider of wireless optimization. We work with companies to "optimize" their current cellular plans, without needing to change vendor(s), contracts or equipment. We leverage a best in class 3-Stage process to identify [...]

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Best solution for the “We don’t have the budget” objection

If you sell a product or service that requires capital commitment or budget approval you need to partner with a few cost-take-out firms. (Bonus points... they also pay referral fees.) What is a cost-take-out firm? A cost-take-out firm helps companies save money and gets paid a percentage the credits and or dollars they deliver to the [...]

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Warm introductions = referral income

          Having spent the last 20 years helping companies increase profits and save money I plan to spend the next 20+ years helping people with great connections make warm introductions that can generate potentially significant referral income. Quick story... The owner of a small successful law firm introduced me to one of [...]

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It’s a new year! Always a good time for change!

As I reviewed my goals and plans for the year, I kept thinking about all the changes in our industry. Change is one thing that has been a constant. I do see lots more change on the horizon as declining companies must combine for financial reasons. Change can be good, and here it is needed. When [...]

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A/B Testing should not be Ready Fire Aim

Although it seems that the world moves at a lightning pace, the best things are still done after some thoughtful research, planning and excellent execution. A/B Testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage, email or app against each other to determine which one performs [...]

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