A/B Testing should not be Ready Fire Aim

Although it seems that the world moves at a lightning pace, the best things are still done after some thoughtful research, planning and excellent execution. A/B Testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage, email or app against each other to determine which one performs [...]

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OTG Consulting Executive Team Adds David Cuthbert and David Byrd to Telecom Master Agency

For Release 7:00 a.m. ET December 13, 2016 Press Contact: James F. Mills [email protected] 303.639.6186 OTG Consulting Executive Team Adds David Cuthbert and David Byrd to Telecom Master Agency Get leading telecom solutions and consulting from new Master Agency DENVER, CO — December 13, 2016 — OTG Consulting, a master agency consisting of the industry's most [...]

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Avaya Potential Bankruptcy is due to the Cloud

It was with great interest that I read the story of Avaya’s spending bankruptcy. The first thought that I had emanated from the summary of the story which stated that the owners of Avaya were having difficulty meeting the debt payments that they had incurred in purchasing the company. Avaya was purchased by Silver Lake and [...]

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When Old Friends Become Unrecognizable

Irrespective of age, almost everyone has had the somewhat disconcerting experience of running into an old friend – at the grocery store, a reunion, or a business meeting – and not recognizing them immediately. The passage of time changes us all and few of us appear as we were years ago.   The mind recalls others from [...]

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Which VoIP Service Provider Should I Choose?

As the industry turns down the old telecom network and the knowledge of this becomes more known by business leaders, the looming question becomes...... Where do I go for my new Hosted VoIP? There are many carriers and Service providers offering Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications and Features all look to be similar. Some are gradually [...]

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Broadsoft, Not just for Telecom Service Providers Anymore.

This is an industry changer, You can now receive Broadsoft services direct from the source! We are the only ones offering Broadsoft Business through a unique partnership with Broadsoft. "BroadSoft Business offers business customers the low-risk option for securing the most advanced suite of UC, team collaboration, and contact center applications available and delivered from the [...]

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OTG Consulting Joins Nextiva’s Partner Program as Certified Reseller

Veteran Master Agency now offers Nextiva’s Award-Winning Cloud Communications Services  Denver, Colorado, Oct, 19, 2016 — OTG,, a Master Agency comprised of the industry’s most experienced telecom executives, announced today that it has joined Nextiva as a certified reseller, and will now offer Nextiva’s award-winning cloud communications solutions to the businesses they serve. Nextiva is [...]

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Death of the PSTN

In working closely with the Telecom Service providers, it has been very interesting to see the “wind down” of the PSTN. I’ve been involved in this competitive landscape for 30 years. The first battle involved long distance traffic in the beginning just after ATT/”Ma Bell” was broken up. Many companies came out of the wood work [...]

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